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Saturday 4 February 2017

CPIIIES - SINCE 011111001110

Maintaining Distance is good for health as " Smart Opt ", Aquatic 2 0 2 4 ' 2 5 >. Adopt Country made Fiber Optic Landline Communication & EduSat Full Duplex at Educational Domains - One per Home / Office, used in Authenticated to Family/Office Head. Children/Youth are to be exclusively to use a " Pager I/O Device  SMS " to communicate till married life to the significant of Green Health's Virginity  @ Spiritual Birth's +Deeds. Android to be used after the marriage as per the needs and permission by the Elders. Handshaking - should not alwaysGet Counselled to Rehabilitate the Life to make it Ease. Have an appointment on Self-interest to grow in Positive and Transparent, In'....A....h. 
Transparency of Life, it Heals as Self-Defense at our Life. Protect the Eyes from Rubor-Tumor-Calor-Dolor and from Loss of Function due to " Prolonging Video's Vision of any type in any Cause by the born Kids till old Aged ". Respect our Nature's Birth and not to differ by our own Mind Set in against to the Supremacy's Law of Nature. Be to Coordinate. #Make a habit to opt for Home's Hygiene Food and Natural Mineral Water. Avoid Contiguous living Life. Live in Greenery. Do not miss the Sterilization - रोगाणुरहित करना  - free from Bacteria - Maintaining Distance is the best Opting Tool. Never to Shake Hand and Hug except " healthily known " is the best policy of Ancient's practice in Often. Re-opt the same as to " Alleviate " as a hobby, also the method of Decongestant - Inhale  Herbal Steamed Vapor.  Bug of the Month  - Caution: Health is Wealth. NNBGLOBAL  الصحة هي الثروة   ಆರೋಗ್ಯವೇ ಭಾಗ್ಯ    ఆరోగ్యమే మహా భాగ్యం   سلامتی ثروت است   स्वास्थ्य ही धन है  sağlık zenginliktir  صحت بڑی خوش قسمتی ہے .  
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#0 The relation between propositional knowledge and the knowledge at issue in other “knowledge”. A correct analysis of knowledge would do more than pick out the actual extension of knowledge; even if, in actual fact. A proper analysis of knowledge should at least be a necessary truth. Consequently, hypothetical thought experiments provide appropriate test cases for various analyses. 011111001110

#0 Scepticism: The area of epistemology that has captured most imaginations is philosophical skepticism. Alongside the questions of what knowledge is and how we come to acquire it is the question of whether we do in fact know anything at all. There is a long philosophical tradition that says that we do not, and the arguments in support of this position, though resisted by most, are remarkably difficult to refute. The most persistent problem in the theory of knowledge is not what knowledge is or what comes from.
#One:  Existence, "brought many into being"  Similar:   Existence,    Living,     life,    Animation,     Animateness,    Aliveness,    Reality,    Actuality,   Essential nature,    Lifeblood,   Vital force,  Entity.
#Two: Opposite: Non-Existence. The nature or essence of a person. "Sometimes one aspect of our being has been developed at the expense of the others  " Similar:    Soul,    Spirit,     Nature,    Essence,     Substance,     Entity,     Inner being,     Inner self,     Psyche,     heart,      Bosom,      Breast,      Core,     Kerne,     Marrow,      Quiddity,     Pneuma.

#0 Innovative of Education:  That is what a super student / super affiliate of any field is a student who studied their mistakes for hours upon hours and learned how to advance from there. They focused, studied, and learned a specific set of processes that, today, are making them richer than they ever imagined. Most major Super Affiliates of any field will have only two major niches in which they focus their efforts, Don't try to find the "next big thing" every time you start a new proposal.

#0 A System is a set of elements that function as a whole to achieve a common purpose. A subsystem is a component of a larger system; for example, the circulatory system is a subsystem of a human system. Occasionally, the larger system is referred to as a supra-system when it is talked about concerning its subsystems.

#0 Relationship: An element is a necessary but not self-sufficient component of a system. That is, the system cannot achieve its purpose without the element, and the element by itself cannot replicate the system's functions. Systems are characterized by synergy—the whole (system) is greater than the sum of its parts (elements) because the relationship among the elements adds value to the system. 

#0 As a system, a school is moderately open. The primary types of energy are financial and intellectual. The school is not a natural system; it operates under a series of sometimes conflicting legal mandates rather than a social mandate that represents a consensus of the participants. Consequently, substantial amounts of systems energy are consumed in maintaining relationships rather than achieving goals.
It interacts with constantly changing (multiple) environments and coordinates with many other systems in the environment.

#0 Ability: It copes with constant change, uncertainty, and ambiguity while maintaining the ability to co-evolve with the environment by changing itself and transforming and the environment.
It lives and deals creatively with change and welcomes—not just tolerates—complex and ambiguous situations.

#0 Double-loop Learning: It becomes an organizational learning system, capable of differentiating among situations where maintaining the organization by adjustments and corrections is appropriate (single-loop learning) and those where changing and redesigning are called for (double-loop learning).

#0 Niche: It seeks and finds new purposes, carves out new niches in the environment, and develops an increased capacity for self-reference, self-correction, self-direction, self-organization, and self-renewal.

#0 Continuing: It recognizes that the continuing knowledge explosion requires a two-pronged increase in specialization and diversification and integration and generalization.

#0 Implications: It increases the amount of information it can process, processes it rapidly, distributes it to a larger number of groups and people and transforms the information into organizational knowledge. Implications for Education.

#0 Fine Tuning: The inevitable conclusion from the evidence at hand is that the old system is no longer adequate for the task. If we accept this assertion, we must also conclude that no amount of fine-tuning of the old system will produce significant improvement. What kind of a system is needed to produce the breakthrough achievement we are looking for?

#0 Participation: An analysis of the literature and practice in both education and management suggests we are moving from deterministic systems toward purpose-seeking systems. In social terms, we are moving from “dictatorial” to “participative” organizational styles.
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